Bumps in the night?

Raccoon Animal Cheeky Raccoon Raccoon RaccIf you’re hearing noises in your attic such as running, crying and or growling you might have a raccoon or raccoons with babies in your attic or soffet location. Should you have raccoons in your home you will know it, they will drive you nuts! It is baby season for raccoons. There are humane ways remove Raccoons and their infants from your dwelling.

First, let’s address the age old question.” How do I know if I have a raccoon problem?” There are many telltale signs to understanding that you have a raccoon in your dwelling.

You know the sound that your dog makes when it scampers across your hardwood floors? Well put that noise above your head in your bedroom and that’s the sound a grown raccoon makes when he’s running through your loft. Now the problem is,is that you only start hearing that noise once the raccoon or raccoons have been around for some time and have stomped down your insulation enough they are currently walking in your rafters. This is because when the female raccoon is getting ready to have her young she kicks out the male. The reason being that the male has no attachment to the babies and will eat them. Some new females have been known to do the same. Overall, female raccoons are extremely good mothers and will do anything to protect their young. Anyway after the fight is over do not think they are gone he is she’s not. She might go out for one more feed before she remains in for almost a week. In that time you could hear panting or moaning in the first night then she will remain in nurse and keep them warm and safe as the man might still be lurking around she will clean the kitts (infants ) and eat the placenta. One for nourishment, two as too not draw her male or some others to the bloodstream and her babies. After a week of no water and crying babies she has had enough. She’ll leave and you will hear her leave as she doesn’t care if you hear her any more. Like any girl after having a baby she needs a rest and a drink. Problem being that till now YOU have not heard the babies crying. NOW YOU WILL AND THEY WON’T STOP TILL SHE COMES BACK AND NURSES THEM!!!!!! Believe me she takes her time coming back. Then she will leave them for a couple hours every night while she goes searching for food and they’ll cry the whole time. The other problem being that she usually picks the quietest aspect of your house to have them that is over your bedroom. So when she goes out you will stay up.

You will understand the man sitting on your roof or back porch just hanging around he is looking for a new place to live as he has lost his usefulness. He doesn’t like to work really hard.

Where the female raccoons are sneaky and typically have more than one hole, one you can see and one or two escape holes. The male will simply go on your roof and tear your roof vent off and walk in. All they have to do is push the siding and they’re in. Then they use it like a doorway.

Raccoons are also found in chimneys, especially in the older houses. This is because in the older homes they ruffed in fireplaces on each floor to let the main fireplace heat the rest of the house. This is the best apartment for a female raccoon. It’s a nice warm cubby-hole that’s really hard for us to get at. That is until the babies begin moving around. Then they end up sitting on the influenza. When you have seen a dirty cat fishing smell on your fireplace area that’s why. DON’T START A FIRE AND THINK THAT, THAT IS GOING TO SOLVE YOUR PROBLEM! All that will do is create momma mad she’ll get as a number of the babies up to the cubby space as she can and you won’t get her out. All you have accomplished is smoking out your entire house with that wonderful dirty cat fishy odor. Your wife is going to end up kicking you out.
Trapping requires that raccoon away but does not stop other raccoons from going in. The reason that fact is so essential is that female raccoons are very clean. They have their babies above your bedroom and they will do their business above your toilet. That is why when you turn on your bathroom fan you might also smell dirty fishy cat. When she is looking for a male she’ll do her business on the roof. She will draw any males which are near. Problem being that, that sent never goes away unless disinfected properly. So it is possible to live trap all you want but it isn’t going to solve your problem in the long run. In case you have known anyone who has had a raccoon problem and thought they solved it themselves by buying a trap. They’ll say”Yah trapped a few raccoons last year I got them back again.” . They do not have the same raccoons back. What they are the males come searching for the females, or the babies that were born there coming to get their own babies.

Second question”How do I get rid of this Raccoons in my attic? The best most effective way to remove raccoons from your attic is the following:

Make a one-way-door to fit the main hole of the raccoons layer. Due to the way the door is made the raccoon will not be able to open it to return in.

Properly seal any other holes or areas that she might get back in through.

Cap your vents and chimneys. Which means secure your vents including plumbing stacks at the base with heavy gauge mesh that they can not penetrate but nevertheless allows the chimney and vents to work properly.

Once momma’s out go into the attic and find the babies if there are some. There are usually anywhere from 2 to 6. Then place them and their nest of insulation outside where she can take them to their new house. This all has to be done correctly. Don’t think that by reading this you can follow these directions and do it yourself. Well you can but you’ll end up calling me to fix the job! If you don’t do it correctly she could get spooked and move the babies. The babies could fall down into the wall. You will then have at best three days to get those babies until they die on your walls. Then you want to find an angry creature watch out. Momma will rip the siding directly off the side of your house to get at them!

When the raccoon and her babies are outside you will access the damage your unwanted tenants have caused. Problem being while the female is very clean. The male and babies aren’t. When momma goes out the infants will chew on anything is available,wiring, rafters. They teethe just like real babies. Additionally they poop like real babies, everywhere. So we check to make sure that your wiring is undamaged. That there is no structural damage and the insulation has not been to badly stomped.

If everything checks out you will disinfect the attic space to eliminate the female scent and odour. So that you won’t have any other visitors.

If insulation is damaged it’s going to have to be removed, disinfected and replaced with blown in R75 insulation. The raccoons do not like it. You will when you receive your next heating bill.
I can’t stress enough to leave the whole procedure to the professionals. Ladies will nest together. So that you can make an informed discussion when hiring an Animal Removal business to help you with your problem.

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