Do you need a fence?

Black Steel Fence during DaytimeDespite the fact that they are beautiful to look at, they have a tendency to be destructive especially for those who have a garden. The cool thing is that there are plenty of ways of preventing them from accessing your farm. Among the very best methods for controlling them is installing fences. Here are some of the best fences that you can use:

Rabbit fences

In their name, rabbit fences are units that prevent rabbits from accessing your farm. If your area is prone to bunny attacks, these are the units that you ought to install. They are characterized by close spacing of wires near the bottom and wider spacing close to the top. For those who have money you should install them all around your house, but if you do not have a huge budget you should install them around individual plants.

Bird netting

Bird nets come in various sizes and materials. There are some that are made from stainless steel while others are made from plastic. You should select the one that meets your needs. Regardless of the net that you purchase ensure that it is tough. Also ensure that it’s easy to install and is soft on plants.

Floppy fences

Floppy fences assist in preventing groundhogs and other animals that can climb fences from getting your garden. When installing them you should secure the very best part tight to the posts, but leave the top part loose.

Solid wall

Sometimes plastic and cable fences are not enough to keep off animals especially the small ones such as rabbits. If you are having problems keeping the critters out you should think about installing a solid wall. For ideal results guarantee that the fence you use is less than 5 feet .


For very tiny gardens you need to install cages made from stainless steel or plastic. Ensure that the cages are firmly grounded so the animals don’t knock them down.


These are some of the fences that you can install in your garden to keep off different animals. For the fences to endure for a very long time make certain you buy them from a reputable store. Also ensure that they are installed by Riviera Beach Bat Removal.

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