Deadly Animals

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From Lake Mary Wildlife Removal┬áto deadliest, here’s America’s 10 most dangerous animal killers. Whatever you do, do not get too close.

10. The Grizzly Bear

The actual version of the”teddy bear” isn’t quite as cute and cuddly as small children would love to think. Roaming a number of America’s most scenic areas, the Grizzly Bear is a monster of the wild who understands his place and makes everyone else aware of it.

Once they rear on their hind legs you know that you are in trouble so back away slowly and do not allow the bear sense your fear. Do so, and you might avoid being trampled, mauled and savaged.

9. The Shark

Thanks to movies like Jaws and Deep Blue Sea, the shark has become the most feared creature of the deep, and with good reason. While they usually won’t bother you in case you do not bother them, they’ll be attracted to you if you are wearing bright colors like orange and red, and will rip you apart in the fastest way possible.

The only ones that WILL kill you’re the Tiger, Great White, Ocean White tip and Bull Sharks, which like to lurk in the waters around Florida. A word of advice: Don’t watch the before mentioned pictures before you take a dip because the paranoia is likely to keep you out of the water!

8. The Mountain Lion

OK, multiply the size of your home cat by at least 5 and you will be faced with one of America’s most dangerous creatures. Roaming the mountains of North America, these powerful creatures certainly mean business. Mountain Lions are found in lots of the country’s National Parks and the best method of attack is to get into a boxing match with them, with extra points awarded for punching them in the eyes and nose.

7. The Scorpion

Among the ugliest of America’s deadliest creatures is the scorpion.

They’ve a known habit of slipping into sleeping bags of campers, so be sure to shake out your bag before you get too cozy.

6. The Venomous Snake

Ophidiophobia is something which lots of people (including myself) suffer with (And for good reason). The toxin – filled Eastern Diamondback, Texas Coral Snake and Mojave Rattlesnake, are just 3 of the numerous American species able to send you to an early death in just one bite. These scheming, slippery snakes slither into the list at sixth place, but in my mind, should be much further up the ladder!

5. Killer Bees

Macaulay Culkin died from them in My Girl so it should come as no big shock that killer bees make this list. These evil little critters travel in packs and rage an attack whenever they hear you coming with a lawnmower or trimmer.

Think you can run and hide? Think again since these stingers will chase you up to 1000 feet and for up to 10 hours. So the next time you go out to mow your lawn, ensure that you have some comfortable running shoes on.

4. The Bison (Buffalo)

Trust us, you do not need a home anywhere near where the buffalo roam.

While only dangerous if you search them, these big creatures can commonly be found in some of the nation’s national parks and kill more people than grizzly’s do. The best way to avoid them; Do not hunt them!


While most spiders give people the creepy crawlies, it is just the deadliest ones we should be really worried about.

The black widow spider is among these and can kill with one bite. Unfortunately there’s not much you can do about them except hope you do not come across one.

2. The Mosquito

The humble mosquito takes second place on America’s list of most dangerous animals. This bothersome pest does not just buzz in your ear and give you horrible itchy bites; it is also responsible for diseases like malaria, elephantiasis, yellow fever, dengue fever and West Nile Virus.

These little blood suckers are now widespread in the US so be sure you stock up on repellant before you even consider camping.

1. White Tailed Deer

Surprised? Many would not believe these cute, little innocent creatures would even make the list, but these cuddly little critters are responsible for 130 American deaths and 29,000 accidents per year.

So next time you’re watching the Disney classic, think twice about how adorable Bambi really is.

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